[Therion] selection of stations/shots for xvi export?

Bruce bruce at tomo.co.nz
Fri Nov 25 09:37:56 CET 2011


Perhaps it is just a matter of how you organize your data?

O r only selecting the particular surveys one at a time?


We store each days survey in a separate file, and then produce a plan and
set of elevations (2 elevations for our current project) for each of these
small surveys.

As a later step the drawings a collected together, using only those that do
not cause too much clutter for the particular purpose at hand..


So any clutter of points is never any worse than the example you supplied,
and usually much simpler.


Provided your data is not all in a single survey centerline, you should just
select one sub-survey (double click in the survey window on the right in
XTherion) for each xvi.


Or have I misunderstood?




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I have a cave which is quite complex and I would like to make elevations
with different projection angles. 
My problem is that I cannot group all the shots for each elevation in
separate surveys, so that when I export the xvi sketch to draw my
elevations, I got all the stations and shots. I put below an example of the
big cloud of points that it makes in the xvi: this superimposition of all
the shots which will not be drawn in the elevation prevent from seeing the
stations and shots which should be drawn. Does anyone see a solution to
select only the stations/shots that I need?
So far, I  duplicated the whole survey to keep only the points that I
needed, but this has to be done for each connected component independently,
which is not very easy.


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