[Therion] Duplicates including adding splays?

Bruce dangle at tomo.co.nz
Tue Jun 21 23:08:53 CEST 2011

I think there were at least two issues raised in this thread, discussed

> This bug should be also fixed now in 5.3.8. If not, please let me know.
>> also noticed that splay shots are used for the "depth".
>> it might make sense, but  i rather have the depth
>> computed with the survey shots only.
My informal comparison of 5.3.8 outputs with 5.3.7 suggests that depth is
now likely to be accounting for only the centreline survey shots, which I
like (although this could perhaps one day be a user selectable option-both
are useful for differing purposes?).

>> > To my way of thinking, splay shots are not part of the survey length
>> > (and
>> > therefore should not be duplicate either), they are analogous to LRUD.
>> >  IF
>> > they are to be reported, they should be separately reported as 'total
>> > splay
>> > length' and 'number of splay stations' (could be further broken down
>> > into
>> > 'surface splays' and 'cave splays' if one was being picky).
>> >
>> > If there were to be a compromise for the sake of simplicity I would
>> > prefer
>> > that therion exclude splay information from all the reported statistics
>> > (as
>> > it ignores LRUD, which are really just special splay shots), 
>> >
>> > Bruce
>> >
>> > Maybe this is what is wanted, but I personally think that the duplicate
>> > value should be the amount taken off the length by the duplicate flag?
>> > Maybe 2 figures would be better, duplicate length and duplicate splays.
>> >
>> > Andrew
>> >
It seems to me that the splay shot statistics are still mixed in with the
centreline statistics- ie no change between 5.3.7 and 5.3.8. Perhaps this
was not the 'bug' referred to above, and I suspect it might require a lot of
work, but deserves consideration I think.


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