[Therion] distance problem with disto

marco corvi marco.corvi at elsagdatamat.com
Thu Jan 27 10:58:25 CET 2011

hi bruce, 

i had a similar problem once, but it was in a pit with 
plenty of water, and on the spot i thought it was due to the water
splashing around ...

> >were all the "wrong" values exactly the same, or just similar ?
> As above, I don't know - I had assumed they would be 'identically
> incorrect'.
> >did it happen long ago, or recently ?
> Saturday 22 January 2011 NZ daylight time.

so this is probably the last survey in the distox memory, 
and it is still there.
just for curiosity (and record), could you dump it ?
[can prepare for you a win32 app to do that]

does pockettopo save to file the raw data exchanged with the distox ?


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