[Therion] strange scrap plotting

marco corvi marco.corvi at elsagdatamat.com
Tue Apr 12 13:25:40 CEST 2011

hi will,

bruce made quite a good analysis of your example.
i got the same result as he.

personally, i found that, while it is convenient to
separate scrap and data, it's better to organize the
project in small selfcontained chunks (say a few surveys or
pieces of them and their maps) that can be compiled 
(and debugged) individually.

next i put the chunks together, creating a survey 
hierarchy, with bigger and bigger maps, solving the
equate and the joins a piece at a time as i go up
in the hierarchy.

just my way to manage this complexity.
there are a few fine points, but this is the big

attached is a "revised" archive of your project:
the map with the drawings is included (selected) in the output:
1) equate station A2 at ... with a2 at ...: not sure this is correct
2) changed the station names in the scrap (just a quick fix)


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