[Therion] map bug. Atlas an option?

Bruce dangle at tomo.co.nz
Thu Apr 7 10:29:43 CEST 2011

I think the way therion crops these is probably best.  Usually one does not
get much aesthetic benefit from a very large featureless outline above or
shaded below, and a very large offset map could give you a very large output

If you avoid the preview altogether then the maps will be on top of each
other (perhaps bad) but the page will be the right size (good).

Or you could produce a separate map for each part of the cave like;
    map m1main -proj extended
      m2  [20 0 m] below
    map m2main -proj extended
      m1  [20 0 m] above
This means your audience can see all the drawn detail on both maps, and can
also see the relationship with the passages below.  You can use map-image to
paste one document within the other, or use a pdf editor to add both pages
to the same document - sort of a manual atlas.

Or you could use the atlas feature and select both maps;
select m1 at map_above
select m2 at map_above

or even from my example above;
select m1main at map_above
select m2main at map_above

I'm a bit rusty, but I think you should get an atlas with two chapters, one
for each map - and you can hyperlink from one to the other.  If you choose
the right paper size settings they should turn out each on a single sheet if
you want.
As I recall there IS a bug (or at least unwritten piece of code) in the
formulation for atlas whereas the origin coordinates for elevations cannot
be set properly. (There is also a problem with plan atlas where a rotate
statement other than 0 deg has been set). (I am waiting for baited breath
for these to be fixed, as in my opinion for a project of any size, atlas
outputs are much preferred to map outputs- at some stage the paper size
exceeds the 5.5m pdf limit and maps will not work at a readable scale).
I have not ever tried atlas with extended elevations - maybe they work OK,
maybe not.


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