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Except that these survex files (of which there are a great many) are not
managed by me. So I can't just rearrange the way they work to suit my needs.
I am looking for a way to work on the data in Therion without having to
force changes on the project. All the data is based on this datum because it
goes back 30+ years and the detailed maps for the area are all plotted on
this old grid datum. So this is the coordinate system the data is fixed
with. I am just looking for a way to position my caves in KML export and
Therion does not currently support the datum for the coordinate system we
are using as far as I can tell.


On 5 April 2011 15:13, Wookey <wookey at wookware.org> wrote:

> +++ Footleg [2011-04-05 14:03 +0100]:
> > You can hopefully see what I am trying to do here:
> >
> > survey LosHoyos
> >
> >   #fix 1.0 41.234567 -3.21012 213
> >
> >   import 0072.3d -surveys use #-cs EPSG:32230
> >
> > endsurvey
> >
> > I am importing an existing survey centreline from the .3d file. I cannot
> assign
> > this a coordinate system directly as Therion does not support the
> coordinate
> > system I need.
> > So instead I define the point 1.0 as fixed using the WGS84 Lat Long which
> I
> > have. Now I want to attach the stations imported from the .3d file to the
> fixed
> > point to correctly position the cave.
> Can't you do that fix in survex so that the numbers right to start
> with? OK that might be different from your normal processing, but if
> your data layout is sensible you'll have all the fixed points farmed
> out into a file which can simply be replaced for the 'therion' version.
> Not very pretty, I know, but it might do the trick until your desired
> co-ord system becomes supported.
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