[Therion] UTM 30 N

Wookey wookey at wookware.org
Tue Apr 5 16:13:17 CEST 2011

+++ Footleg [2011-04-05 14:03 +0100]:

> You can hopefully see what I am trying to do here:
> survey LosHoyos
>   #fix 1.0 41.234567 -3.21012 213
>   import 0072.3d -surveys use #-cs EPSG:32230
> endsurvey
> I am importing an existing survey centreline from the .3d file. I cannot assign
> this a coordinate system directly as Therion does not support the coordinate
> system I need.
> So instead I define the point 1.0 as fixed using the WGS84 Lat Long which I
> have. Now I want to attach the stations imported from the .3d file to the fixed
> point to correctly position the cave.

Can't you do that fix in survex so that the numbers right to start
with? OK that might be different from your normal processing, but if
your data layout is sensible you'll have all the fixed points farmed
out into a file which can simply be replaced for the 'therion' version.

Not very pretty, I know, but it might do the trick until your desired
co-ord system becomes supported. 

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