[Therion] FW: export bbox

Bruce dangle at tomo.co.nz
Tue Feb 23 20:28:17 CET 2010

> The main purpose of the file is to specify an area for which other
> specialized programs automatically create digital elevation model or
> download surface map from map server. One such program might be
> included in future therion (as an xtherion plugin perhaps).

Kind of like 'Therion Earth', nice.

I can see why you have started with lat long co-ords now, probably a good
I thought I might use bbox as a guide when creating terrain models with
terraintool to use with Loch, 'Therion Earth' the manual way. It is not
absolutely necessary though, as I seem to have managed perfectly well until

However, using a local epsg co-ordinate system means that the therion user
can stick with a consistent system (or at least a number of systems
specified by the user) throughout for inputs, and outputs.  Currently I
think bbox is the only output that goes against this precedent.

Bbox is perfectly fine how it is, but maybe as a low priority future
addition, add an 'export map' option (for bbox only?) of -coords
[<latlong>|cs] with <latlong> being the default and the cs value telling
therion to convert to the cs specified in the thconfig file.


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