[Therion] Declination and coordinate systems

Bruce dangle at tomo.co.nz
Tue Feb 23 09:26:05 CET 2010


I have been under the impression for the last couple of years, that the
presence of a cs command in a high level *.th file (say an INDEX.th that
ties together all the sub-surveys) would override any declination statements
within the sub-survey *.th files.


On investigating a peculiarity I find that the declination statements are
overriding the cs statements, and that The Therion Book suggests this is the
intended behaviour, as far back as 5.2.2 anyway.


Has this behaviour changed since 0.5.x or is this a faulty memory relic of
mine from my first dazed days as a Therion user? 


I guess this means I need to comment out all those approximate declination
statements now!


(Of course it is probably too late to change it now, but it would suit my
workflow for drawing projected elevations (from paper sketches) if cs always
overrode declination)


Historical recollection anyone?



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