[Therion] therion 5.2.9 cave-list

Bruce Mutton bruce.mutton at paradise.net.nz
Tue Jun 2 22:39:37 CEST 2009

Thanks for those answers Martin,

With regards to my first question...
>> There’s now a filter for surveys.  What does it filter?  Makes no change
>> my data and nothing in the Therion Book yet.

>If you mean filter for continuation list export, it controls whether
>continuation symbols without comment will be included in the list or

Sorry, I did not check what I had asked above.  Turns out it was a nonsense
What I should have said was that there is now a -surveys [(on)|off] option
for the cave-list export (has been there since at least 5.2.7 I see)

For example;

export cave-list \
  -surveys off   \
  -location on \
  -output ./Outputs/GLMESM_SystemCaves.html

To answer my own question, turning surveys off suppresses the hierarchical
display of the surveys in which the cave entrances are contained.  The
default '-surveys on' gives a more comprehensive html output, and '-surveys
off' is more concise.


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