[Therion] Map previews not preserved when indirectly referenced

Bruce Mutton bruce.mutton at paradise.net.nz
Tue Jul 7 09:26:11 CEST 2009

As far as I can see, the following map definitions should each produce
identical pdf outputs, because the second definition is just calling the


  map Late08PreviewBulmerPlanMap  \

  -projection plan  

   preview above BeautifulBulmerPlanMap at Bulmer

   Late08PlanMap at Bulmer



  map Late08OffsetPreviewBulmerPlanMap \

  -projection plan

   Late08PreviewBulmerPlanMap  # [200 000 m] none



However the preview is produced over the passage with the first definition
and not with the second.

Why is this and what do I need to do to see the preview with the second


If I remove the # in the second to last line, then I should see an identical
output (with a preview AND passage) offset 200m, but again I get the passage

Again, the same question?


(Note that the 'none' is intentional as it relates to the preview of the
passage in it's original location, not the previewed passage in the new
location - this aspect is working correctly)


Any ideas on this?  Has been like this from about 5.2.6 thru 5.2.10




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