[Therion] Passage Height units

Stacho Mudrak s.m at group-s.sk
Thu Nov 20 14:23:31 CET 2008

> May I suggest an extension of the idea?  In the master .th file should be some
> way of specifying a default for scraps.  If the scrap contains a default
> setting, it over-rides the setting from the .th file.

If it would be specified in master file, than if you will send
somebody a part of your data without this master file, he could not be
sure, what units did you used. But you are right - units specification
for every scrap is still not very convenient... I can imagine.

I have another suggestion. What about setting defult units system
simmilar way as file character encoding is set. E.g. at the beginning
of every file you will have command, that will set default units valid
until end of file. This command will be automatically inserted by
xtherion each time you create new .th or .th2 file. You will be able
to configure default units in xtherion.ini, so you will not have to
take care of units any more. And the data will be still portable,
because units used in file will be specified in its header. It will
also simplify centerline insertion, because units specification after
each centerline command will not be needed any more.

Regards, S.

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