[Therion] Passage Height units

Stacho Mudrak s.m at group-s.sk
Wed Nov 19 16:05:54 CET 2008

>  units compass degrees
>  units clino degrees
>  units length feet
>  units depth feet
>  units tape feet
>  units altitude feet
>  units dimensions feet
> Everything should be feet, right??  NOT!  When I do a passage height point and
> specify "-value 3", for example, Therion thinks that is 3 meters.

You are right, these settings are just for centerline data, and even
there in some cases they will not be used (e.g. when specifying
explored length after station with continuation flag) :( It needs to
be checked and fixed. Until now, nobody was using feets with therion
so this problem was ignored.

>  When the
> map is compiled, 3 meters is converted to feet and then printed on the map.
> It comes out as 10!
>        point 481.75 -722.5 passage-height -value 3
> The workaround I discovered is to specify it as "-value [3 ft]".  This comes
> out right on the compiled map.
>        point 481.75 -722.5 passage-height -value [3 ft]
> Is there a way to avoid this convoluted syntax?

Not yet. If it would help you, we can add some -units option for
scrap. If it will be specified, all -values in current scrap will be
treated in given units. Would this help you?

Regards, S.

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