[Therion] standard deviation and survey grade

Stacho Mudrak s.m at group-s.sk
Wed Nov 19 15:58:34 CET 2008

> I'm still looking for a 'best practice' on where to put grade statements and
> how to control their scope/visibility.  Perhaps someone could write a brief
> note for the Wiki or the Therion Book?

It looks, using survey grades will change in therion in the near
future. The reason is, that in current configuration, it is not very
clear, how to use it. We have studied the problem a little bit and it
looks, that there are more or less same survey grades used around the
world. So our suggestion is to use just simple

grade N

option in centerline, where N will be survey grade from 0 - 7, where
1-6 = BCRA 1-6, 7 = BCRA X and 0 will be data without any quality
(e.g. position of cave nobody is able to locate now). This grade
should be specified in each centerline object. And such a
configuration will allow doing statistics on survey data from
different sources. Of course, it will still be possible to refine data
quality using "sd" option, but grades will remain the same for all
survey data in therion.

If you have any comments, please let us know.

Regards, S.

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