[Therion] Length and depth of caves with no (therion) survey data

Bruce Mutton bruce.mutton at paradise.net.nz
Wed Nov 12 10:35:42 CET 2008

.and using the same example.

I have two caves that have "known" lengths and depths (subject perhaps to
resurvey one day) in amongst three that are in the process of having surveys
and drawings made in Therion.

For example the tourist cave and Perseverance cave listed below.


For the tourist cave there is no map, but I have entrance co-ordinates, and
so to the entrance station I have given the 'accepted length' an 'explored'

Perhaps it would be better entered as 'approx' (it would then be included in
the 'length') but I can not see how to do this.  Also is there no way to
enter a depth?


For Perserverance cave I have a scanned map with associated surveyed length
and depth.  This prints out nicely in my 2d outputs but in the table below I
have not yet entered length and depth, although could take the same approach
as with the tourist cave.  Similarly it would seem best to enter as
'approx', but again I don't know how to do without the benefit of actual
survey legs entered.


So, just wondering a) if this scenario has been considered and b) how have
others dealt with it.


Overall it would seem best to be able to have therion output realistic data,
but not allow users so much leeway that the meaning of the various headings
(length, depth, explored, approx, surface) becomes meaningless.



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