[Therion] how to input shots from the station to the cave wall?

Wolfgang Zillig wolfgang.zillig at web.de
Fri Nov 7 11:51:24 CET 2008


what is the best way to enter measurement data from the current station 
to the cave wall? Basically this is thought to replace LRUD with real 
measurements. The form how the data is generated looks like:

1.0 1.1 12.32 234.5 -12.2 # from to tape compass clino
1.0       2.33 123.3 0.1 # from tape compass clino
1.0      3.44 345.5 76.5 # from tape compass clino

The measurements in line 2 and 3 should not count for cave length too. 
Is there a way to use this measurements in generation of the 3d volume 

Any help is welcome.

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