[Therion] Atlas page positioning

Bruce Mutton bruce.mutton at paradise.net.nz
Fri Aug 8 22:12:09 CEST 2008

I still have a gap in my understanding of how atlas's are arranged.

My assumption from reading the Therion Book is that the origin and
origin-label commands are about how to position the tessellation of atlas
pages on the 2D cave image.  (Sorry, have not downloaded the latest version
just yet)


My INDEX.th file contains;


    cs EPSG:27200 #NZ Map Grid 1949

    #Entrance co-ordinates

    fix N2 at n 2500597 6023471  751  #NZMG GL entrance 



and my layout file contains;

  origin-label 2 A                                 #label type <across>
<down>  2 A gives A1, 1 A gives A0, 0 A gives A-1

  origin 2500600 6023000 600  meters  #co-ords of lower left corner of first
atlas page


If I leave out the last line I get perfect atlas's (and all other outputs
for that matter) - just not a very efficient use of 'paper'.

If I include the last line I get;

D:\Program Files\Therion\therion.exe: error -- mixing local and global
coordinate systems not allowed -- conflict with cs specification at
LayoutPlanThisAtlas.thc [11]


The origin co-ordinate given is just to the bottom left of the cave in the
projections I am using (plan, elevation 290 deg) so that when I have the
whole cave system drawn it will fit on a grid of A2 sized pages that is two
sheets high (rather than three)

I am using rotate 070 to orient the plan nicely on the paper.

(I think once I have this sorted out I will be able to use a more sensible
origin-label specification)


Is my understanding of the purpose of these two commands correct?

I have tried a number of spellings of 'meters' and leaving out the units to
no avail.  

Any ideas?




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