[Therion] How to find most recent Therion Windows Install Files?

Bruce Mutton bruce.mutton at paradise.net.nz
Fri Dec 7 20:29:13 CET 2007

Is there a way to seek out the most recent Windows install file on the
Therion website?


The page http://therion.speleo.sk/download.php gives only the link to the
0.5.1 files.  (I imagine these are the most recent 'official' release)


More recently Martin directed us to
http://therion.speleo.sk/downloads/therion-update-20071114.exe, but I notice
that there appears to be no link to this on the Therion site, it has to be
typed or pasted directly to a web browser.


http://therion.speleo.sk/downloads just redirects me to the home page.


I suspect there is a more recent install file, based on previous posts, but
as I don't know the date, it is tedious to find by trial and error.  Perhaps
I am missing something obvious?




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