[Therion] Geological features

Stacho Mudrak s.m at group-s.sk
Thu Dec 6 11:48:18 CET 2007

Quoting Martin L├╝thi <luethi at vaw.baug.ethz.ch>:
> The Therion / Loch ensemble is very impressive. Something I would like
> to do but don't know whether that is implemented, or would be easy to
> implement: geologic features. By this term I mean adding strike/dip data
> from fault planes, fold axes or layering to the input files. Then in
> Loch these planes would show up as planes cutting through the
> galleries.

Well, this is not yet implemented, but as far as I remember, you are not the
first one asking for these features. I think, it would not be very difficult to
implement it, but there are some technical issues, that need to be solved

1. What data needs to be stored. So far I see: feature type (falut, layering,
fold axes?), srike and dip

2. Where exactly would you like to enter these data. Maps or centerline or

If it is a centerline - then these data would be aattributes of the station -
which position needs to be measured first. If it is map, then these data would
be attributes of a point, that is positioned in the map (=> it's 3rd coordinate
can not be given exactly).

3. How to plot these data. Are there any standard symbols for these types of
measurements, that can be used in the map? In the 3D: how to construct these
planes? Each measurement will be single small plane? Have you already seen some
3D models like this, that could be used as a template? Some time ago I have
tried something similar, but it was not very successful - my 3D model was a
mess of planes, in which it was very difficult to see what is what.

Regards, S.

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