[Therion] Possible macros {was:Slope symbol needed}

Eric Madelaine Eric.Madelaine at sophia.inria.fr
Fri May 5 09:13:51 CEST 2006

Andrew Atkinson wrote:

>I am not sure if this counts, but is similar. I would like to be able to 
>put the plan and elevation on the same page, preferably aligned. Also I 
>would like to be able to add all the cross sections into one or 2 frames 
>on the same page, possibly at a different scale to the plan and elevation.
>I think that this would help in producing an excellent final product, 
>and help me pursued others to use your wonderful program
My feeling is that we cannot excpet all possible wishes of everybody for 
producing final documents to be included in the Therion functionality or 
I would rather expect that the produced drawings (currently pdf or svg, 
if you neglect a number of confidential other formats) could be exported 
in existing formats, usable by tools for creating more general document, 
or even to  PAO software.
So for example in your case, Xfig or illustrator could be options for 
doing the specific layout you need...

But I'm sure that it is quite difficult to have _ALL_ maps/atlas 
elements exported in any existing format...


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