[Therion] Dataset structure including survex files

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Wed Jun 28 09:07:24 CEST 2006

Yesterday evening, I found some time to play with your codes. I realized, that
you  have a problem, I described yesterday. Therion has only one station naming
syntax - it does no difference between centerline imported from .3d files and
.th centerline.

To get all your stuff work together, I needed to do just a very simple thing. I
modified your benarat_only.th file very dirty way:

survey benarat -title "Benarat Mountain, Northern Section"
 import benarat.3d -surveys use
 import benarat.3d -surveys create
 input benarat.th
endsurvey benarat

First import will create davids.a15 at benarat stations, the second one
a15 at davids.benarat stations. In this case, all centerline is imported twice,
but it works!

To get it working correct way - you need only "-surveys use" version of import
command, but then you need to create missing sub-surveys in your terikan data.
You can download my version of your data at:


I hope, this will help you.


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