[Therion] Dataset structure including survex files

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Tue Jun 27 17:17:10 CEST 2006

OK, after reading your mail, I will try to reply at least to some questions. For
the others, I need to check your codes and let it run in therion to see, where
the problems are.

> What does 'split stations into sub-surveys' actually mean (surveys in the
> .th files or in the .3d file, or both?).

If you have a station in .3d file named: top.sub.1, splitting into subsurveys
mean, how will therion understand this. It can understand it as 1 at sub.top or
sub.1 at top or top.sub.1 at some_survey_above_top. This is controlled using -surveys

> Does the top level of the .3d file have to match the current
> survey in the therion hierarchy or the next level down?

Next level down to level, where import command is located.

> How can you tell
> whether the stations have 'fitted' into existing subsurveys or not?

I will try simple examples:

Assume, in 3D file, there is just one station: top.sub.1

If you want to have 1 at sub.top, you need to write following:

import file.3d -surveys use
survey top
  survey sub
  endsurvey sub
endsurvey top

If you want to have sub.1 at top, then you just ignore sub survey

import file.3d -surveys use
survey top
endsurvey top

On both cases, therion does following:
1. Search for survey top on the level of import command. OK - it exists, so it
transform top.sub.1 to sub.1 at top

2. Search for survey sub in survey top. In the first case, it exists - so the
station named 1 at sub.top is inserted. In the second case, it does not so the
station sub.1 at top is no more parsed.

> And what happens if you don't specify any of create/use/ignore. Do you get a
> fourth behaviour, or one of the above?

"create" should be default. So if survey does not exists, it will be created.

> if we have davids.a15 style names then we need -surveys use on import to work

Exactly. If you do not specify "-surveys use", survey davids will be created and
then a15 at davids reference is needed.

> if we have a15 at davids style names then it works with or without -surveys use
> so we can mix these two styles with -surveys use. (confirmed)
> Why is this? I don't understand what's going on.

It will be like this, if you have created "davids" survey in .th dataset. If
not, only davids.a15 reference should work.

> I also noticed (see davids.th2) that you can do "-station-names davids." in
> the scrap line, then station -name a15 to get davids.a15 style names. Is
> there equivalent syntax for a15 at davids style?

Option -station-names has prefix and suffix part.

In your case, you should write not "-station-names davids." but
-station-names davids. []
[] - stands for empty string

In the second case, it is simmilar:
-station-names [] @davids

> Given how hard it has been for me to make sense of this, having spent some
> 10 hours or so getting to my current state of confusion, I think we need a
> better way of debugging these sorts of errors, as well as a very clear
> desription of how it is suppposed to work.

I can imagine your confusion :(

I am sorry, but today evening I am not able to play with your codes to see,
where the problems are. I think, the main problem is following:

Some codes were written without "-surveys use" option to import command. In
these codes, there is "station -name a15 at davids" syntax in th2 files.

Other codes were written with "-surveys use" option, and there is
"station -name davids.a15" syntax in th2 files.

These two styles are problematic to join, but it must be possible without
renaming all station references. I believe, tomorrow evening, I will know more.


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