[therion] CMYK colour

Martin Sluka martinsluka at mac.com
Wed Mar 23 09:18:15 CET 2005

At 14:18 +0800 23.3.2005, Duncan Collis wrote:

> it'd be very useful
> to be able to be able to specify colours using the CMYK model to
> give full control over the colours used.

Duncan - in case you will prepare the outputs from therion to press, you may open PDFs in Illustrator and replace the colors - to CMYK or Pantone.

To add true CMYK color space to therion is too complicated - I'm affraid. CMYK itself is very complicated task and there is no simple way to do it.  If only conversion from CMYK values to RGB of monitor is not simple in any way.

Martin Sluka

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