Therion 0.3.7

Martin Budaj m.b at
Wed Mar 16 11:39:44 CET 2005

Hello all,

new therion is available. Changes and improvements include:


 * new (more intuitive) extended elevation arrangement
 * new import options: filter, surveys
 * new surface option: grid-flip
 * new centerline option: extend
 * new point type: dimensions
 * new scrap option: flip
 * new scrap/centerline option: station-names
 * reduced `extend' point option
 * all altitudes are exported as a difference against grid Z origin
 * XVI (xtherion vector image) map export
 * UD data from centerline used in 3D model generated from scraps
 * plt export with LRUD data
 * `/' supported as survey name character
 * unicode characters support in layout TeX code
 * fixed bugs: plumbed shots; join; statistics of centerline only maps


 * limited i18n support
 * XVI support (automatic insertion of survey stations, LRUD data)
 * fixed bug with gamma correction


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