[therion] section lines

Martin Budaj m.b at speleo.sk
Mon Mar 14 14:41:24 CET 2005

Roman Muñoz wrote:

>> OK, now I get the arrow, but there are problems: section line is missing
>> from first point to second: only begin of line and entire arrow is
>> shown, or sometimes, part of perpendicular line is visible, but then
>> it's on the passage. I think I'm missing something, but I can't figure
>> what it is.

You have probably misplaced the control points -- they determine how long
segments will be drawn. See the attached picture which displays their
correct position.

>> I guess there is a good reason to do it with a curve instead of a
>> segment, but it's a pity, because the segment is much more handier.

You may draw a segment either, but you get solid line crossing the
passage. Drawing a curve makes it possible to control the omitted part in
the middle. Even if you draw a curve, displayed will be straight segments,
not a curve.


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