[therion] statistics

Martin Budaj m.b at speleo.sk
Thu Mar 10 09:36:09 CET 2005

>> I would to have some nice statistics on my legend. But it seems as I
>> need to do some black magic with those code tex-map things. There are
>> some nice things as \cavelength, \topoteam or this kind of grial called
>> \legendcontent. They look as what I need. But I'm getting stuck (again).

It's not necessary to use code tex-map. Use
statistics topo all
statistics topo-length on
etc. in your layout.

>> Why statistics topo-length on shows nothing on my maps? I can't get even
>> survey team members printed on pdf  :(

It works only if statistics topo is not off. It doesn't work if you import
centreline from 3d or plt files.


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