[therion] .ini files install

Ladislav Blazek lblazek at speleo.cz
Fri Mar 4 12:34:37 CET 2005

Roman Muńoz napsal(a):

>> On Fri, 04 Mar 2005 09:39:56 +0100
>> Stacho Mudrak <s.m at speleo.sk> wrote:
>>>> 1. If installation will overwrite these files - than user will loose
>>>> it's settings.
>> I think we could check for the files. If they exist in rigth places, we
>> could assume they are good, so install script a) does nothing b) rename
>> them to .bkp (or .new, as suggested by Ladislav) -no settings are
>> loosed.
>> BTW, why the files can be on so many directories? I think they should be
>> under /etc on *nix and under Program files\therion on windows. It would
>> be simpler.

This is *nix standard. You can have global configuration in /etc but each
user can change settings for own session in ~/.therion directory


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