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Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Thu Jan 20 11:31:31 CET 2005

> underlying wall (a hidden wall under i.e. clay?)

In some cases, you

> floor-step (I guess this is a little climb in our way across the cave)

Yes. You do not need equipement for it.

> ceiling-step (I surrender here because I can't walk on the ceiling)

Ceiling step is for example something, you are afraid off, if you do not wear helmet. There are two floor and ceiling equivalents: pit/floor-step - chimney/ceiling-step.

> soda-straw (thin hollow stalactite looking like italian food?)

Yes. Thin, long with hole inside.

> flute (the same thin hollow stalactite?)

If I am correct, it is a special kind of erosion formation. See UIS cave signatures at http://www.carto.net/cgi-neumann/cave_symbol.pl

> raft (I was guessing this is a rubber boat but fr version doesn't)
> raft-cone (whooaa!)

Mike Lake once wrote:
A raft is as you thought, calcite rafts floating on water. When these
are disturbed the calcite rafts sink and can build up on the bottom of
the pool as 'conical' shaped piles. The pool can dry up and the
raft cones will be left. Thus they are different to rafts and so have a
different symbol. Yes they are not common but they are not rare.

> sump (I think it is a pit with water, but fr calls it siphon)

Yes, it is passage completely filled with water (also in Slovakia we call it sifon).

Regards, S.

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