[therion] next dumb question

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Wed Feb 23 08:11:11 CET 2005

Roman Muñoz wrote:

>  Aah. Understood. I readed about saving th2 files first in Wookey's
> writing, but missed this window was asking me for it. I was not worried
> about relative paths.

In any case - new version will inform you that it would like to save file explicitely.

> Next dumb question: what about extended elevation? To use
> "extend" option in centerline is enough? Do I need have some scrap with
> projection "extended"? Could LRUD data be used in map editor?

Extended elevation is currently my nightmare :)

OK - I will try to explain.

Currently - you are not able to export centerline in extended elevation projection. All you can do are scraps and maps in extended elevation with a very complicated "extend" point option syntax. Also stations need to be in special order etc.

I would like to change it exactly the way, you suggested. To add extend option to centerline (remove it from point). Then extend centerline first - and then everything else will work normally. There will be no need to draw stations in scraps in specific order with complicated extend options, you will be able to export surveys in this projection to map etc...

If users will agree (probably nobody until now did a lot of extended elevations - because it was so complicated), I can change this until 0.3.7 comes (probably).

Regards, S.

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