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+++ Stacho Mudrak [05-02-22 14:00 +0100]:

>> As I wrote before - 100 dpi is assumed. If you have 1:1000 scan at 200
>> dpi, you have to use 1:1000/(200dpi/100dpi) = 1:500 scale in your xvi
>> export command. A very simple mathematics  :)

Hmmm, I have the feeling this is a bit of a hack and there should be a
better way...I will try using it and see.

There should be a way for users to make centrelines match to drawings
graphically, not having to know the resolution of the scan and re-generate
the centreline using a strange scale to make it fit...

I presume that this new centreline feature is only useful if you have your
dataset in therion form, not survex form - right (i.e an imported 3d file
can not be used to generate .xvi files)?

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