[therion] bad option utf-8

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Tue Feb 22 14:00:08 CET 2005

Roman Muñoz wrote:

> .xvi image on it. But if I go to Archive->New and then try
> to load it as background image, I get this utf-8 error

> So I think something is wrong in "Overwrite" step.

Oooops - it is not an error. The problem is very simple.

Background images can be inserted only to file, that already has some name (because xtherion checks, whether they are in the path of .th2 file). Therefore, when you try to insert background image to new file, xtherion tries to save it first :)

So in the first window - it asks you for the filename of th2 file (not XVI file). If you type there something like cave, he saves it as cave.th2 and then he asks you for background image - now you have to select xvi file. If you select XVI file first - it saves th2 file as XVI and then he tries to open it - but it is no more XVI file, but th2 file.

OK - this can lead to the lot of mistakes - I will redo it more natural way. Thanks for pointing out.

> Also,I found that my previous background images, which are screen
> captures from a 1:1000 survey, are far bigger than .xvi file. However,
> my layout has a "scale 1 1000" line. Not sure here: may be I made some
> mistake when capturing screens. I will check this again later.

As I wrote before - 100 dpi is assumed. If you have 1:1000 scan at 200 dpi, you have to use 1:1000/(200dpi/100dpi) = 1:500 scale in your xvi export command. A very simple mathematics :)


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