[therion] bad option utf-8

Roman Muñoz tatel at infonegocio.com
Tue Feb 22 10:43:59 CET 2005

On Tue, 22 Feb 2005 09:34:24 +0100
Stacho Mudrak <s.m at speleo.sk> wrote:

>> XVI images have to be inserted as a "Background image" not loaded as
>> .th2 files. In the tornala example - just open oko.th2 file. That's
>> all.

Sorry, I think my explanations were not clear.

I get this error when trying to insert .xvi file as background image.
Tried once more: It continues. Effectively I can open oko.th2 and see
.xvi image on it. But if I go to Archive->New and then try
to load it as background image, I get this utf-8 error

>> You have probably opened .xvi image in map or text editor or compiler.
>> This editor adds "encoding utf-8" line to each file. When opened in a
>> background - TCL interprets "encoding utf-8" which is obiously wrong.

I've removed my Irurixo.xvi file and created it once more. I've examined
it with less. I found no utf-8 strings in 91 lines. I tried to insert as
background image: A message window appears about .xvi file
already exists, Overwrite?  I answered Yes. New window appears to choose
background image. I choosed Irurixo.xvi and got utf-8 error again.
Examined Irurixo.xvi once more with less: Now the file's first line
*does* have the "encoding utf-8" line. And allmost any other 91 lines
are now missing.

I needed to edit Irurixo.th2 by hand in order to get Irurixo.xvi
inserted correctly. Added this line borrowed from oko.th2

##XTHERION## xth_me_image_insert {1594.485 1 1.0} {688.98 0} Irurixo.xvi

So I think something is wrong in "Overwrite" step.

Also,I found that my previous background images, which are screen
captures from a 1:1000 survey, are far bigger than .xvi file. However,
my layout has a "scale 1 1000" line. Not sure here: may be I made some
mistake when capturing screens. I will check this again later.

BTW, results (after manual editing of .th2 file) are very nice! It would
be handier if other background images could be moved by dragging with
mouse, but it is perfectly usable.


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