[therion] translating types

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Wed Feb 16 09:22:17 CET 2005

> What could I do to get types translated and working?

I am very sorry, but it will not work.

The problem is simple - xtherion is editing text files, and therion accepts only english as input file language.

This can not be changed - it was discussed a lot, but therion language is some kind of programming language. And translating programming languages is not possible.

When we have been discussing it before - the only solution was to write new user interface for that.

OK - types can be translated somehow, but what obout other options (put in options line)? And what about text editor - where you are editing input th files also in english? It is the same with survex, there also all commands are not translated.

I am sorry for the late answer - I am a little bit busy risght now. When do you have your session?

Even we can not translate input language, we can do some helpful things we have already in TODO. E.g. generating PDF with all symbols available in therion in all symbol sets with keywords and regional translations. This could help people a lot. Also I have almost finished using LRUD data in map editor.

Regards, S.

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