[therion] Re: problem importing .3d file

Martin Sluka martinsluka at mac.com
Wed Feb 9 08:34:12 CET 2005

At 18:29 +0000 8.2.2005, Wookey wrote:

> The mulu data for the system I am currently drawing comes from 1984-2003.
> (and the early stuff is drawings-only - hence some of my earlier questions
> about that).
> I need to get it drawn up before the next expo in spring 2005....

Exact (only in scale 1:100) - the "my" cave was digged and partly explored in half past of 50th. The first map wass only 750 m and about 0,5 km nonsurveyed passages. The second - very professional surveying - with theodolite in 0.5 m high crawlings was made in 72-74 - but only 330 m of "main passages". After our Roumanian experience with real caving we started in 1979 to resurvey the cave from the "end" to entrance - now we have more than 4 km of survey shots. But all this is in very small volume - 100 x 150 x 350 m of limestone. So you may imagine, to draw it by hand or in iIlustrator. But therion works well, I have now 1,5 km in it. :)

Good luck with your project, our meeting is in middle of April :(


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