problem importing .3d file

Wookey wookey at
Tue Feb 8 17:40:22 CET 2005

+++ Stacho Mudrak [05-02-08 17:05 +0100]:

>> Wookey wrote:
>>> >You could have mentionned it so I didn't spend two hours trying to work out
>>> >if I was just being dumb... :-/
>> I am sorry... But as far as I remember, I sent you working sample of
>> your data with import 3D file week or two ago... There was a solution
>> with empty surveys - it could give you at least a small hint.

Did you? I seem to have failed to look at that/appreciate it.

I didn't mean to complain too much - you are doing a brilliant job overall.
It was just that I spend a couple of hours trying it again and find it
doesn't work and you say 'ah yes I thought youd say that'  :-)

>> OK - next time I will write some warnings to new stuff...

That would be good - I have far toomany things going on at once and tend to
forget mails from more than a couple of days ago. (my inbox is 5800 at the
moment, growing at about 50/day).

>> So until it will not be finished - you will have to create empty surveys...

no problem. Not that I understand what is going on - thanx for the prompt
explanation. (the survey I was supposed to finish in mid-jan is now going to
be rather late...)

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