[therion] Re: problem importing .3d file

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Tue Feb 8 17:05:35 CET 2005

Wookey wrote:

> You could have mentionned it so I didn't spend two hours trying to work out
> if I was just being dumb... :-/

I am sorry... But as far as I remember, I sent you working sample of your data with import 3D file week or two ago... There was a solution with empty surveys - it could give you at least a small hint.

OK - next time I will write some warnings to new stuff...

> This discussion brings up another point I wanted to raise. The fact that I
> have to add a fake top-level survey in order to include a .3d file seems to
> me to be very naff. There must be a better solution.

This I have already in TODO. I agree with you - I do not like it neither. I will try to arrange things, that no top level survey - endsurvey commands will be needed (default context will be survey - even no survey will be created).

> Maybe we need a concept like the -p1 in patch to tell it how many levels to
> strip off the input dataset in order to import it correctly?

This is very good idea - very simple to implement. I will do it ASAP.

> Ideal would be for Therion to look at the imported structure and try to
> match a level to the current survey level (this won't work if there are two
> surveys with the same name at different levels, but I don't think that
> happens often in real datasets?).

May be second step.

> Except that it means I can't go back to using a full-therion dataset without
> changing all the structure round. I shouldn't have to decide before starting
> all the drawing whether I am going to get the station positions from a
> therion dataset or a survex dataset - it should be possible to do both with
> the same set of scraps.

OK - you are probably right.

> OK- right, I am understanding the problem now. With a full therion dataset
> we have each survey explicitly created. With an imported survex dataset this
> does not happen. I think the importing of the dataset should implicitly
> create the hierarchy, at least so that references in .th2 files can 'just
> work' without us having to explicitly re-specify it in .th files. I think
> there is enough data in the .3d file to do this?

The reason why I did not do this was, that it was again quite deep change in the complicated part of the code. But I can have a look at it once more - may be it is more simple than it looks at first sight (like a lot of other things were :-)).

So until it will not be finished - you will have to create empty surveys...

Regards, S.

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