[therion] Re: problem importing .3d file

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Tue Feb 8 08:53:43 CET 2005

Wookey wrote:

> However - whilst it now processes a 'null' set of data as in the example, as
> soon as I put back any data it goes wrong again:
> input goon.th2
> (inside the terikan survey) and I get:
> therion: error -- terikan/goon.th2 [10] -- survey does not exist -- goon --
> invalid station reference -- 69 at goon

Well - I expected that you will report this error :)

OK - the problem is - when stations are imported, they are inserted into subsurveys _if and only if this subsurvey exists_. In your example - you have no survey goon defined, therefore terikan.goon.69 is interpreted like goon.69 at terikan.

We came to conclusion, that this arrangement is better, like if subsurveys will be created - because we usually use "." in station names   within single survey.

If therion would have import command before - you would probably reference stations like goon.69 and you would not create any survey structure. So this problem is probably only in the case - when somebody converted his surveys first and then he tries to use import command instead.

You can solve your problem three ways:

1. Define empty surveys at the beginning of the file

import terikan.3d
survey terikan
survey goon
... the same for each used survey
endsurvey terikan

... and it should work. This is easiest solution.

2. Convert everything XX at YY into YY.XX using regexp replace. A little bit more work - but very clean solution.

3. Persuade us to modify therion in a way - that subsurveys will be created (may be into some - "user specified" - level). It is a litle bit more work on our side, but if you will have good arguments for it - no problem.

Regards, S.

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