[therion] Example models?

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Thu Sep 30 17:10:12 CEST 2004

> I'm giving a talk about Therion at the BCRA conference this weekend.
> Are there any examples of real 3D models and how to create them beyond the
> piccy on the website?

I will send you some at about 15 minutes.

They are created just by:

source input.th
export model

Where input is only 2D map. Nothing else.

> Is this functionality actually in therion 0.3.3?

Yes, it is generated by 0.3.3.

> Can it do colour in surveys yet? If so how?

No. It can do nothing. Just view and rotate. The 3D stuff is still in the stage of design and those models are only preliminary.

> Is morphing restricted to within a scrap? e.g. say I have two parallel
> passages, the data for one changes so it morphs. If they are drawn on the
> same scrap then the walls of both passages will move. If they are on
> separate scrpas then only the one that changes moves - correct? i..e
> morphing is done on a 'distance from station, within a scrap' basis?

Yes, but if two scraps lie on the same loop, error will be distributed between stations in both scraps so both passages will be morphed.

Regards, S.

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