[therion] demo-rabbit doesn't process

Martin Budaj m.b at speleo.sk
Mon Sep 6 07:52:01 CEST 2004

>> Line 708 of rabbit.th2 says "adjust horizontal".  If I remove this, I
>> get an error for a later line which says "adjust vertical".  Searching
>> the manual for "adjust", "horizontal", or "vertical" doesn't turn up
>> anything useful.

I'm really sorry for this. Adjust horizontal/vertical is a feature of
0.3.3 version which hasn't been released yet (it allows to produce exactly
horizontal/vertical lines in the elevation or section even after the scrap
distortion). Stacho was too happy to implement it that he updated the
example to use this feature. None of us noticed that the corresponding
therion is not available yet  :(
Until the 0.3.3 version comes, there will be old rabbit cave demo on the
web page.


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