demo-rabbit doesn't process

Olly Betts olly at
Sun Sep 5 17:47:29 CEST 2004

Using the therion 0.3.1 debian packages, I unpacked demo-rabbit from the
tar.gz file, ran xtherion, File->Open thconfig from the demo-rabbit
directory, and then File->Compile.  This stops with an error - the full
output cut and pasted from the lower frame is:

therion 0.3.1

initialization file: /etc/therion.ini
open file -- /etc/therion.ini
close file -- /etc/therion.ini

configuration file: thconfig
open file -- thconfig
close file -- thconfig

reading input --
open file --
open file -- rabbit.th2
therion (therion.cxx:332): error -- (thdatareader.cxx:213): rabbit.th2
[708] -- (thline.cxx:370): invalid number -- horizontal

Line 708 of rabbit.th2 says "adjust horizontal".  If I remove this, I
get an error for a later line which says "adjust vertical".  Searching
the manual for "adjust", "horizontal", or "vertical" doesn't turn up
anything useful.


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