[therion] Extended Elevation, and other questions.

Eric Madelaine madelain at nerim.fr
Wed Jul 14 22:12:52 CEST 2004

> In the configuration file, there is also simple-map layout, where also scale-bar is redefined (it is a 50 m line in both directions). Using it, you should be able to align the cave on the topo-map (the coordinate grid will be present in some future version of therion).

    It looks great !

> Using your files, I have found some another serious bugs in therion, I'll try to repair them as soon as possible. I have attached the files I have modified.

Thanks a lot for your help, both of you, I'm sincerily impressed. My first -extend error seems really stupid...
I suppose I would not have found the "-extend [right prev k13 at pinee8]" alone (;-)

By the way, as Martin mentionned today a reference to the "changing the layout in maps" section, I first though I had an older version of the book, and then discovered that I just had missed page 50 when looking exactly for that! Sorry.
Anyway, your simple map layout is perfect, Stacho.

I will not be able to work much more on therion for the next month, I'm quiting for family holidays on saterday, then beginning of august on our summer camp (massif du Marguareis), and back home only around the &(th of august.

    Eric Madelaine.

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