[therion] Extended Elevation, and other questions.

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Wed Jul 14 17:39:50 CEST 2004

Eric Madelaine wrote:

>  Here is the data off the embut de la Pinee, including whatever cause this wrong extended elevation map.
>  I have not included any scan images (except for the ext. elevatin itself) as it would have be over 4 Mo large...

Well, I had a look at your code, and there are several errors in the exteded elevation stations specification.

point 152.0 1010.0 station -name k1 at pinee8 -extend left

-extend should be right, because you extend the stations to the right (k2 is on the right side of k1). Therion is not able to mirror scrap (currently).

point 890.0 619.0 station -name k11 at pinee8
point 890.0 619.0 station -name k11 at pinee8

I'm not sure, but station k11 should be there only once, but may be, this is not an error.

Main source of distortion are these lines:
point 1070.0 468.0 station -name k15 at pinee8
point 1224.0 338.0 station -name k16 at pinee8

station k15 is on the right of station k14, therefore there should be -extend right and station k16 is on the left of k13, therefore there should be -extend [left prev k13 at pinee8]. I know, in therion book this is written not very understandable way :( So the right code should be

point 1070.0 468.0 station -name k15 at pinee8 -extend left
point 1224.0 338.0 station -name k16 at pinee8 -extend [right prev k13 at pinee8]

After redefinition of anchor symbol, replacing the "point blocks" symbols on the floor with "wall -subtype blocks" and reparing the scrap outline, the extended elevation looks little bit better.

> I also tried, after our discussion, to produced a large-scale "filled galeries" map, on which I wanted to have only the scal and north arrow, but no other headers... I have the feeling that I need redefine some tex-level macros for that, but th ebook is not very useful, it only specifies layout changes for the atlas. I have browsed through the tex sources, but I have nor been able to identify the layout macro (or the header macro) for Maps.

In the configuration file, there is also simple-map layout, where also scale-bar is redefined (it is a 50 m line in both directions). Using it, you should be able to align the cave on the topo-map (the coordinate grid will be present in some future version of therion).

Using your files, I have found some another serious bugs in therion, I'll try to repair them as soon as possible. I have attached the files I have modified.

Regards, S.

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