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Fri Feb 27 17:41:34 CET 2004

+++ Stacho Mudrak [04-02-27 17:23 +0100]:

>> I have another question.
>> I saw, that you're using "arrows" to show the gradient of the floor.

yes. I got this from German surveyors. I thought that contours+gradient
arrows was 'UIS' symbols, but maybe I am wrong? - this is why I didn't want
contour ticks.

>> Until now we have only "point gradient", that should be used like this.
>> Probably, you would welcome also "line gradient".

Yes. At some point I will try and do a BCRA symbol set, but I try to use
approximately UIS symbols myself.

>> Because in fact "line arrow" serves (from our point of view) for showing
>> the relation between labels (or sections) to the places in the passage.
>> And there will be a symbol conflict, if you will use arrows and "point
>> gradient" for the same thing.


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