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Wookey wookey at aleph1.co.uk
Mon Feb 23 16:53:14 CET 2004

+++ Stacho Mudrak [04-02-23 09:57 +0100]:

>>> >The QMs ('continuation point) come out really small on my survey.
>>> >Where do I control the size?
>>> >
>>> >Ticks are too close together on pitches.
>> I've noticed (in the file soundriverpln.pdf), that you're using scale 1:200
>> even if it's really a huge cave (you've probably been mapping in 1:500 or
>> even smaller scale). When exporting such a large caves, you should use the
>> scale, you've been mapping in (1:500) or if you want to have bigger symbols
>> in the 1:200 scale, specify -layout-base-scale 1 500 - than each symbol
>> will be 2.5x bigger (including QM and pitch ticks).

OK - yes 1:200 must be a default? I normally use 1:500. For this system
1:1000 or 1:2000 will be appropriate. Well spotted.

>> Another point - in the layout: scale and base-scale is specified like:
>> scale 1 500
>> I believe, the number "1" is not needed there, and probably scales should
>> be specified just by number 500 (I've never seen on any map scale 2:1000 or
>> something like that). What do you think?

I have never seen 2:<anything> either, so I suppose you are right, but
"scale 1 500" is perhaps more obvious than "scale 500" to a surveyor so
maybe just leave it even though it is not very satisfactory from a
computer-science point of view? I am not sure.

>>> >How do I change the default for contour lines to al have 'none' (no
>>> >downside
>>> >tick mark)? I don't want to add -tick none on every contour - I want to set
>>> >a default.
>> In the new version of therion, this will be default. So you can forget
>> about this. I know changing default behaviour is not standard way, but in
>> this case, I believe it will help.

Except now people who _do_ want a tick on every contour will need to add
-tick each time. This doesn't really address the problem of setting defaults
for things like this. Does the UIS symbol set have ticks on contours?

I know defaults should be set by specifying a symbol set, but that is going
to be difficult for 'most users' who don't want to get into writing
MetaPost.  Once we have a wide choice of symbol
sets than most people should be happy I suppose, but I think many surveyors
like to have a few little 'artisitic differences' in their surveys and not
always use _all_ the standard symbols. Something to think about.

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