'subtype' syntax change proposal

Wookey wookey at aleph1.co.uk
Fri Apr 23 11:12:40 CEST 2004

+++ Stacho Mudrak [04-04-23 09:50 +0200]:

>>> >I do thing that the list of linetype/subtypes could be improved.
>> I agree at this point.
>> -subtype option comes from times, when we had intention to make things
>> universal and complex (and complicated  :) . I'm not sure, but my feeling is
>> that option -subtype should be removed at all. The reason is simple. If you
>> do not specify the subtype, some subtype is assumed as default anyway. So
>> it is just complicating things.
>> I think, having types:
>> wall
>> wall-blocks
>> wall-sand
>> wall-debris
>> would be better, than specifying all the time the subtype. What do you
>> think?

I am inclinded to agree, although I'm not sure I have used it in enough
detail to be confident.

There are two main thing to consider - what the line represents and
'modifiers' to how that line appears or is used. So above is a list of what
the line represents, but things like 'invisbile', 'presumed', and maybe
others are modifiers (or 'subtypes' if you like). These things are
orthogonal. A good look at the full list thinking in this way, and
considered how you want real surveys to look/be drawn would be a good way to
rationalise the list.

So, yes I think I agree that wall and wall-blocks should both be types, but
wall-blocks-presumed possibly shouldn't be.

Theother thing to consider is the interface. Exactly how we specify the data
is probably a bit arbitrary, but if the new version produces a very long
drop-down list that is inconvenient to use then maybe the interface needs to
change (so you still select wall, then blocks) or maybe it is not actually
worth changing the spec.

That is some things to think about really, rather than an actual opinion on
what is best.

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