[therion] Re: Therion 0.3.0

Martin Budaj m.b at speleo.sk
Tue Apr 20 07:51:54 CEST 2004

>> Oh yes, I meant to ask about that - why have you moved the loop closure
>> inside Therion (out of survex)

Well, there were some good reasons to do it:

 - installation is simpler now
 - there were some problems with survex' msg files -- if msg
   file was missing, cavern didn't start at all;
   if cavern used the file, we had problems with parsing
   the translated log file for information about centreline
   (e.g. E-W range)
 - we had somehow to parse err file to get information about
   loop errors (this will go to SQL export; bad loops may be
   highlighted in the map...)

>> Also the co-variances are important for fixed points (especially GPS fixed
>> points which often aren't very 'fixed' at all). At the very least the
>> information should be retained in the files even if it is not currently
>> used.

That sounds sensible. I only wonder if some GPS device provides info about

>> This seems like a retrograde step. If survex is not doing quite what you
>> want then fixing survex ought to be a better plan. We need better
>> Therion/survex cooperation. I must get Olly to start reading this list.

We waited for cavern-library (promised in the SPUD to-do for more than 2
years) and would be happy to use it. In Therion everything is prepared to
link such a library.

>> I don't mean to sound too critical, but this seems an odd an retrograde
>> step
>> to me. Survex/Therion incompatibilites are already a problem, and this
>> seems
>> like adding a new one, for no obvious gain.

Only one note: even if the algorithm used now is not working perfectly, it
doesn't damage your data. If it will be improved or replaced, simply
recompile your data and get perfect maps  :)

With regards,

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