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Mon Apr 19 17:51:55 CEST 2004

+++ Martin Budaj [04-04-19 16:45 +0200]:

>>> > Are there any other incompatible syntax changes that should be converted?
>> Only those mentioned in the CHANGES file:

OK, thanx

>>    - centreline command: fix doesn't accept covariances specification

Oh yes, I meant to ask about that - why have you moved the loop closure
inside Therion (out of survex) and not even accepted the covariance numbers
(even if not processing them)? It has taken many years to get the loop
closure in Survex working right - and whilst it is easier to re-implment in
C++ than it was to do in C originally I wonder why bother - it is very
likely to have bugs in, and it seems to me that using the external program
made a lot of sense here. (or have you used the actual code rather than

Also the co-variances are important for fixed points (especially GPS fixed
points which often aren't very 'fixed' at all). At the very least the
information should be retained in the files even if it is not currently used.

This seems like a retrograde step. If survex is not doing quite what you
want then fixing survex ought to be a better plan. We need better
Therion/survex cooperation. I must get Olly to start reading this list.

I don't mean to sound too critical, but this seems an odd an retrograde step
to me. Survex/Therion incompatibilites are already a problem, and this seems
like adding a new one, for no obvious gain.

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