How do all the metapost parts fit together.

Stacho Mudrak s.m at
Tue Sep 9 16:05:56 CEST 2003

Wookey wrote:

> So, I do think that translations are necessary in the user interface, but
> I agree that the need for the correspondence with the data-files to be
> clear, makes this problem harder than usual. Displaying both a translation and the string that will be netered in the
> data-file is probably best, but it might have to be switchable
> because they won't both fit on the screen.
> We probably have more important things to worry about at this
> stage, but I don't think it's right to say 'xtherion is only
> in english' as a policy.

Of course, you're right. When I'll do internationalization for output
strings (we need it for maps in Slovak), there will be no problem to use
same routines for error messages (because it's the same stuff).

And also there is nothing easier, than to add some script to xtherion make process, that will also enable xtherion to use source file with messages written in multiple languages. I believe, it's a question of one evening.

> Survex's portuguese support, for example, has made it very popular in
> Brazil. This wouldn't have happened if it had been english-only. And survex
> has the same aspect as therion in that the data files are essentially in
> english. Translating the user-interface is definately a good thing and we
> should put the infrastructure in place, otherwise whilst the output can be
> read by anyone, only those who read good english can use the software.

I think, that it's more psychological... Once we've written a program completely in Slovak and people here in Slovakia liked it very much. Than when we stopped developement of it and told them, that WinCompass is really better and easier software for them to use - they didn't use it. Even if they've understood the basics of english. May be the manual in Slovak was missing, but may be, they really need translations of menu items...

OK. When therion will support multiple languages of output, it'll support also multiple languages at least in error-messages and xtherion menus... For other items in xtherion (that need to be named according to input files - like point types), I'll try to add support of translations into status line (there is short help in english currently). This could be a reasonable compromise.


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