How do all the metapost parts fit together.

Wookey wookey at
Tue Sep 9 15:23:30 CEST 2003

+++ Wookey [03-09-09 14:20 +0100]:

>> +++ Stacho Mudrak [03-09-09 14:20 +0200]:
>>> > This is mail from Wookey, he sent it to the old conference. So I'm
>>> > resending it to the new one - therion at The old one is disabled.
>> Ah yes - that's mutt's fault - I tried to set a new 'therion' alias and mutt
>> just told me that I already have an alias of that name and won't let me
>> define a new one. Unhelpful bit of software! I've binned the old one manually now.

And now I';ve found the 'right' answer - there is of course an 'unalias'
command. Mutt is amazingly clever but sometimes it's not at all obvious how
to do what you want. I'll shut up now  :-)

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