[therion] Re: How do all the metapost parts fit together.

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Mon Sep 8 16:14:17 CEST 2003

On Mon, 08 Sep 2003 21:58:47 +1000, Michael Lake <mikel at speleonics.com.au> wrote:

> Its a big list but it is quite static. However it does allow countries to maintain the use of some of their own symbols - for instance in Australia we will be retaining a few of the older symbols. Thus cavers will want to have small customised sets. We reallly therefore need to load them at runtime via a library or a package like LaTeX does. Probably as plain text mpost macros in a file that is called up by the thconfig file.

Even with the current version of therion, if we would have metapost code for ASF (Australian Speleological Federation) symbols, a command like

export map -layout symbols-ASF

should work. All we need to do is to clean the mess, we have in the therion - metapost cooperation (a lot of old macros, some bugs, names of macros etc.). I believe a week or two should be enought for this.


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